Dear Jussie,


I think at this point everyone is up to date with the latest of the Jussie Smollett “Not-So Hate Crime” Saga that has us all heartbroken and disappointed.

After weeks of thorough investigation, the 36-year-old Empire co-star was arrested for filing a false report. Initial reports said that he was brutally attacked by two men with a homophobic, racist and political agenda which was then revealed through evidence to be fake as he orchestrated the incident.

No sensible person would commit a crime with the intention of getting caught but Jussie clearly didn’t think this through. In a month where we celebrate black history dipped in excellence, the black community could not have been any more disappointed. In an era of #MeToo victims of abuse who rooted for the black gay man who “fought back” could not have been any more devastated. In a country with a history of white supremacy, Jussie, as a minority should not have thought to defraud his own people.

Why does a person with his clout need this attention? The narrative he was trying to push is clear but the route was surely distasteful. Did he think of his fans who have been victims of hate crime or God forbid, walking into it? Naturally, our quickest reaction is to sympathize with victims without knowing the entire story and he used it.

He now sets a bad precedent for victims of hate crimes who are now fearful of speaking out and telling their truth.

Even though we know the facts, a part of our hurt is that we still don’t want to believe it.  It’s so surreal!

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