Crazy Rich Asians? Yes, please!

When you think of an Asian film, naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is China or Tokoyo with respect to the location. Then zoning in on the plot, you think of Karate or Kong fu that might be mixed with something supernatural like dragons or flying ninjas with power orbs.

Who would have thought of a romantic comedy- drama in Singapore?Crazy Rich Asians did it and in my humble opininon, to perfection!

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Rachel Chu is elighted to accompany her boyfriend (Nick Young) on a trip to Singapore for a wedding where she would meet his wealthy family. She not only learns that her boyfriend is destined to become one of the country’s most eligble bachelors’ but also jealous socialites and the distaste of family who would not acknowledge her worth.

I was home last sunday evening, bored, when I got the invite to the movies. At first I was skeptical because I only go to the movies for “popular films” but in the midst of my boredom I accepted the invite. By the end of the night I had a revelation. I left with a different perspective on Asian films. The visuals were spec-ta-cu-lar! The sceenplay was excellent! and Singapore is definitely a stop for me in the future. The writer’s techniques were able to capture my attention. I thought the use of silence to have a conversation and illustrating the power of a woman’s stare was amazing!

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In sociolgy, they taught us about the Caste System – a class structure that is determined by birth. If your parents are poor, you are going to be poor and likewise the rich. In order to maintain this system they would marry within the caste to preserve the weatlh of their families. In Crazy Rich Asians we could clearly see this coming to light with a weatlhy mother’s scorn as she disapproves her son’s new girlfriend. She blatantly told Rachel that she was not enough for her son because she was never fed with a golden spoon.

The movie did it for me – tackling love, desire and power whilst still being funny. It’s hard to talk about the show without dishing spoilers. I would definitely watch it again and I encourage others to check out this $76 million box office success.


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