Why is Bugle so underrated in Jamaica?


Bugle (real name Roy Thompson) is one of Jamaica’s most talented recording artist and songwriter in the dancehall fraternity.

With lyrics that speak to your soul and an unforgettable flow, I still find him to be underrated in my humble opinion.

I find that as Jamaican’s we don’t give him the merit he deserves. He should be of the same stature with artists such as Chronixx and Protoje, however, I don’t believe his craft is respected as such.

But why is this so? Is he not marketed properly in Jamaica? Is he not pushing himself? What makes him so boxed away? We all know the name ‘Bugle’ and rock to his music at any party, so why is he not received in the same capacity?

I’m sure his music circled the globe as he is an internationally recognized singjay. But, as it relates to him being pushed in Jamaica it is lacking in that department and we must endorse his music as a by-product of Jamaican culture and realness.

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