The Bahamas Vacation

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I came here to clear my mind and relax. I came here to spend time with my family and have fun. I’m happy to say that I did all that and a little extra. So I spent 2 weeks in The Bahamas and I had a blast. It was my second visit in the space of 5 years and on my first visit I was much younger, stayed in the house and drowned myself into my laptop so it pretty much prevented me from enjoying what the island has to offer. This year was much different.

Firstly, I loved the fact that the flight was approximately 45 minutes because I hate long flights. And even so, I slept. I think I was snoring because the lady beside kept on waking me up and looking at me strangely. Ignore and go back to sleep each time. It was a packed flight and I had no issues with the Bahamian Immigration.

I spent the first half of my trip with dad and his family and the second half I spent with my mom.

So after having a huge dinner the evening after I got in my stepmom decided to take us out for ice cream. We got it from the place called TBCY – The Country’s Best Yogurt, which was like a Bahamian Tutti Fruity, but better.

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The island, Nassau, is very small so it took me about 2 hours to circuit the island which I did behind the wheels. My stepmom gave me driving lessons which turned out into me running errands for her. I had no problem because guess who drives now?

I went to the beach several mornings with the family. Still trying to get this sand out my hair – one mistake I will never make again. I also took a stroll at Baha Mar with my dad and little siblings. It was a grand and majestic hotel that I would definitely go back and visit. WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 3.11.23 PM (1).jpeg

My dad invited me to work with him one evening. At first, I was skeptical about going. I thought to myself that “I don’t job” but then I thought that maybe it would pull us closer together seeing that we never did anything together as father and son. So I did it. And yes, I got paid for the day.

I met up with a great friend who’s native to the island but I met here in Jamaica, Rodney. I told him I wanted to try Conch Salad and he took me downtown to a place called Arawak Cay. It was good, too much but still tasty.WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 3.11.23 PM (2)

I noticed that they serve food in large portions and everything that should be sweet was too sweet and everything in oil was soaking wet. I think it was very unhealthy but it tastes really good.

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So then I went off to spend some time with my mom. She brought me to the west side of the island to visit some of our distant cousins and in doing so I was privileged to meet the wife of their current Prime Minister – nice lady, very down to earth.

I went fishing in my mom’s backyard. I caught 2 Grunts and a Barracuda – gave them to my mom cause I don’t eat fish. But, I thought it would be cool to go fishing.

We all then went to Atlantis. It was my second time there but it felt different because I had both parents there and we were all having fun. I enjoyed it.

So two days before I left, Rodney took me clubbing. We went to club Bambu. I think I had fun… well he said I did. After my 7th glass of Hennesy and Jack Daniel’s, I was gone! A week after I came home to Jamaica I was still suffering from that hangover. Especially because the following night we went out for wine.

The Bahamas isn’t the best place to shop. Besides it being expensive, it’s also nobody’s taste so I wouldn’t advise you to go there to shop.

I was pleased and somewhat overwhelmed with the fact that so many Jamaicans lived there and they knew so much about our culture and love us. From this, I believe that you might never truly understand how precious Jamaica is until you venture outside. They love us!

My trip was great and I plan to visit more often going forward. I became closer to my family, met some new family, tried some new foods, soaked in the sun on the beach and got drunk. ‘Twas a good time.

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