Take me to a pinnacle of relaxtion


“Go | Relax | Enjoy”

A year ago, I and a few colleagues from work set out to do a shoot for daytime LIVE! at Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay and I must tell you the journey was long but totally worth it!

It sucked that we didn’t spend the day. We were doing a feature on Victoria Rowell‘s The Rich and the Ruthless – a six-part scripted comedy series loosely based on her novel “The Young and the Ruthless”

I was privileged to see this magic come to life from its raw elements and meet some amazing actors like Victoria herself who acted and directed, Richard Brooks from Being Mary Jane, Aleesha Renee & Mykel Shannon Jenkins amongst other great stars.

The resort is enormous! This 4 diamond resort was nothing short of elegant with a warm, welcoming staff with smiles that says “hello!” at the front desk. Secrets St. James and Secrets Wild Orchid is an exemplary, an ideal – the impeccable summit of relaxation.

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